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Financial Workshop Courses

"Little things make big things happen." - John Wooden

With the uncertainty surrounding private pensions and Social Security, there has never been a more important time than now to focus on your getting your financial priorities in order. That is precisely why I put together a series of financial workshops to help you get more financially fit.  Below is a list and description of the 6 workshops I currently host on an on-going basis.  To inquire more about them, please send me a note in the "Have a Question" section on the side-bar of my site.

Financial Planning - It is never too early to focus on the small details that will make you more financially fit.  Whether you're a young professional beginning your career, a generation X'er with young children, or a baby boomer planning to enter into retirement, the simple principles explained in the this workshop will benefit you for years to come.

What is interest rate risk? 

What about sequence of returns? 

How does "longevity risk" play into my future income planning?

What does "negative correlation" mean in terms of investing?

How will future health care costs impact my retirement planning? 

You will learn about these and many more important factors as they pertain to your financial planning.

Medicare - Medicare is a complex system that is very difficult to navigate.  For many of us, we're accustomed to our company's health insurance plan in our working years.  Then we retire and get hit with the alphabet of letters commonly known as Medicare.  It can be consing and unclear.  

This informative session is designed to help you gain some clarity with the Medicare system. 

Estate Planning
- Whether you are single, married with young children, or an empty nester planning for retirement, having a sound estate plan is critical.  Many people don't do estate planning because it is daunting and confusing.  "Do I need a will or a trust?"  "What is probate?"  or "What is a health care power of attorney?"

This session is tailored around addressing some of the most common myths surrounding estate planning.

Social Security - You've paid into the system all your life - now what? Many people go sprinting to the Social Security office age age 62 to sign up for benefits without knowing all the facts.

Social Security will play a MAJOR role in your retirement income planning. It is imperative to know the facts before filing for your benefits.

In this informative session, you will learn about spousal benefits, survivor benefits, ex-spousal benefits, "file and suspend" strategies, etc.  Researching on when to take Social Security can have mean a difference of 73% in monthly benefits.

Tax Planning - Tax planning is often one of the most overlooked aspects of sound financial planning.  With some of the proposed changes in tax law coming in for 2013, now is the time to get educated on how to use tax planning as a tool to help you reach your short and long term financial goals.

Risk Management - Learn about some simple steps that can potentially help mitigate risk in your financial life.  Get unbiased, proactive information about life insurance, the Indiana Long Term Care Partnership plan, behavioral finance, and tactical vs. passive investing.