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Alternative Investments

Many Americans have traditionally invested in stocks and bonds through various mutual funds, exchange traded funds or individual bond holdings.  With the increased volatility in the global securities markets, many investors are starting to look at investments outside of the traditional stocks and bonds. 

Alternative Investments have the potential to provide the following to investors:

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Stable cash flow through regular dividends
  • Capital preservation
  • Investments to non-correlated asset classes
  • Diversification
  • Potential inflation hedge
  • Attractive yields in a challenging low interest rate environment
For more information about our Alternative Investments options, please contact me at or 317-507-1825


*Alternative investments are limited to 10% of liquid net worth for any individual purchase and 20% in the aggregate.  Potential investors also must meet strict minimum income and/or liquid net worth requirements.  Please call me for details.